3 men walking through the woods
3 men walking through the woods
Mary's Help Transitional Housing Program
Mary's Help Transitional Housing Program

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Mary's Help THPP/THP + FC
1219 Monterey St.
Vallejo, CA 94590


Phone: 707-649-8011

Fax: 707-649-0442

Email: maryhelp@aol.com


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Office Hours

We are available during the following hours: 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday thru Thursday and 9:00am to 1:00pm Fridays

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Adolescent Counseling Services

Mary’s Help Residential Group Homes offer effective counseling tailored to the needs of boys ages 13-18.

Why Intervention Now Is Crucial

The transition from childhood to adulthood is an especially crucial time in life. If the family background is dysfunctional, it compounds the difficulty. Problems can include acting out, including getting in trouble with the law. That’s where the Bay Area has an invaluable resource for at-risk boys: Mary’s Help. Here, we know how to counsel youth on the right road to manhood, promoting pro-social values to transform their lives, and also make your home life better.

Harnessing the Peer Group for Good

Parents and teachers know that the peer group is a powerful rival for influencing adolescent boys. Everybody wants to belong to a tribe, and as boys branch out from the family, or if they come from a dysfunctional family, they may reach out to their peers for validation and to learn how to be a man. Of course left to themselves, teenage boys often go wrong.

Mary’s Help’s group counseling takes the dynamics of a circle of friends and returns it to its original purpose of doing good. Based on good values and the principles of right conduct, the group in an friendly setting gently guides troubled youth, modeling social skills they can use for a lifetime.

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